About Us

The Woman Behind It All

Karina Castillo is an entreneur that enjoys the arts. She is studying Fashion Design at the Art Institutes and enjoys that creative enviornment around her. She is a business owner and founder of Castillo By Karina LLC. With a creative environment always surrounding her, she was able to establish a unisex lable that is commited to making an impact on the world, as well as, empowering those in it. Karina established her brand in March of 2018 but has worked on and developed the idea since 2014. She created the brand with the idea of making garments for people by people. Karina makes it her responsibility to sell items that are created ethically and sold with no gimmicks. Everything created for the brand is done in the USA. All the modles are regular people, some of which are even customers. Karina id a dedicated and devoted business woman trying to make an uproar in the fashion industry. She has created garments that showcase the true meaning of expression, all while expressing the need for education on global matters. She is a strong believer in human kindness and how it effects people. Castillo By Karina LLC is a brand dedicated to proving that fashion and garments can have an impact in more ways than one. Karina is not only trying to grow as a brand but wishes to do so by collaborating with different artist, entertainers and creators. She believes that we must empower and collaborate with up-and-coming artist in order to grow as people and learn from each other.